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Risk of bleeding with daily aspirin may offset benefit in low-risk patients

Chronic use of low-dose aspirin, defined as 300 mg/day or less, is associated with an increased risk of major gastrointestinal (GI) or cerebral bleeding, a recent review of administrative data found. Patients with diabetes also were found to have a high rate of bleeding, irrespective of aspirin use. Key Point:… 

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Regular aspirin use may reduce risk of cancer metastasis

Daily aspirin may prevent distant cancer metastasis, according to a recent analysis. Researchers from the United Kingdom examined 5 large, randomized trials (17,285 participants) of daily aspirin (≥75 mg daily) vs control for the prevention of vascular events to assess the effect of aspirin on the frequency of distant metastasis… 

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Long-term therapeutic aspirin could offer protection against cancer

Long-term aspirin use may offer protection against cancer, a recent study has found. In analyzing data from 6 trials of daily low-dose aspirin in the primary prevention of vascular events (35,535 participants) and 51 clinical trials (including 34 randomized trials) of daily aspirin vs controls for the prevention of vascular… 

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