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Indian Pediatricians Should be Alert to Childhood CV Risk Factors

Key Point: The most important action Indian pediatricians can take in helping their patients avoid early CV risk factors is to promote a healthy lifestyle. This includes promoting and encouraging physical activity and stressing a nutritious diet to avoid childhood obesity. In an effort to curb the development of pediatric… 

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Check for PAD in patients with risk factors such as diabetes, smoking, CAD

The CADI Research Foundation reports that the incidence of peripheral artery disease (PAD) is considerably lower in Indians than in European populations.(http://www.cadiresearch.org/?page_id=284) Despite this disparity, however, it is important for Indian physicians to be aware of PAD and its risk factors. Dr. Azizul Haque is consultant cardiologist and electrophysiologist at… 

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Cardiovascular risk factors vary within Indian ethnic subgroups

Great ethnic disparity in cardiovascular risk factors was identified between 2 Indian ethnic subgroups, a recent study found. More research is needed to identify conventional risk factors for this and other complex diseases.  “There are huge differences even within India, as it is a heterogeneous country.” -V. Mohan, MD, FRCP,… 

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