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Mobile Phones: The Next Step towards Healthcare Delivery in Rural India?

Wireless technologies now cover 96% of the global population and penetrate all walks of life. With 6.8 billion mobile-cellular subscriptions worldwide [1], the technology has successfully bridged gaps in communication and ignited economic growth and development globally [2]. It has also found a strong foothold within the healthcare sector in the emerging field of ‘mHealth’. ‘mHealth’ or…

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Mobile phone text messaging: Tool for malaria control in Africa

Across many malaria-endemic areas in rural Africa, health systems are weak, infrastructure is poor, and poverty is widespread. Traditionally, the communication gap between managers of health services, health workers at the periphery, and the patient population they serve has been a barrier to efficient service delivery [1]. This gap, however, has the potential to be bridged through the rapid expansion of mobile network coverage, availability of inexpensive handsets, and decreasing costs of mobile phone services [2],[3]. It has been estimated that over two-thirds of the population in Africa is covered by a mobile network with a penetration rate of 50%, reaching over half a billion mobile phone subscribers across the continent…

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