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The Effect of Health-Facility Admission and Skilled Birth Attendant Coverage on Maternal Survival in India

Maternal mortality in India has declined over the last twenty years, though it continues to represent 20% of the absolute number of 285 000 maternal deaths globally [1], [2]. Earlier studies have demonstrated an inverse relationship between the maternal mortality ratio (MMR) and skilled birth attendant coverage, either within-country over time or…

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Maternal mortality in India: Causes and healthcare service use

India contributes one-fifth of the global burden of absolute maternal deaths; however, it has experienced an estimated 4.7% annual decline in maternal mortality ratio (MMR) [1], [2], and 3.5% annual increase in skilled birth attendance since 1990 [1], [3]. While not on track to meet Millennium Development Goal number 5, India is making progress in reducing maternal mortality [2].

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Cardiovascular Diseases in Pregnancy

Pregnancy, irrespective of the gravidity is an anxious period for a woman and the anxiety could be compounded manifold if there is a concomitant cardiovascular disease (CVD). In such situations, risk stratification and counseling become challenging tasks for the attending physician. India is on par with the western world in… 

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Screening for postpartum depression benefits mother and child

Postpartum Depression (PPD) (also known as postnatal depression) is a largely overlooked health problem in India, due to lack of awareness and to a stigma of mental illness. In a recent mdCurrent-India survey, 70% of doctors delivering 5 or more babies a week did not always screen for post-partum depression…. 

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Risk of postnatal fever with misoprostol linked to dosage, administration route

The prostaglandin E1 analog misoprostol is widely used to prevent postpartum hemorrhage, which is the leading cause of maternal death in India. Misoprostol is especially practical in low-resource settings because of its efficacy, cost-effectiveness, and ease of administration (sublingual, oral, vaginal, or rectal). It’s also not heat labile, which makes… 

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Ways to prevent puerperal sepsis and reduce maternal mortality rates even in low-resource settings

Along with hemorrhage and hypertension, infection remains one of the most common causes of maternal mortality in developing nations (see related article Practical Advice on Preventing Maternal Death Due to Postpartum Hemorrhage on preventing maternal death due to post-partum hemorrhage). Puerperal sepsis, defined as an infection of the genital tract… 

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Community-led initiative for iron supplementation improves hemoglobin status of children and adolescent girls

A community-based program for the control of nutritional anemia in children aged 6 months to 35 months and rural unmarried adolescent girls aged 12 years to 19 years in rural India led to improved hemoglobin status, appetite, and knowledge of iron-rich foods. In addition to weekly iron supplementation, the community… 

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