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Undernutrition, Vitamin A and Iron Deficiency Are Associated with Impaired Intestinal Mucosal Permeability in Young Bangladeshi Children Assessed by Lactulose/Mannitol Test

Environmental enteropathy is a disorder often subclinical that usually takes place among the residents of low-and middle income (developing) countries where the sanitation is…

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Maternal Micronutrient Supplementation and Long Term Health Impact in Children in Rural Bangladesh

A growing body of evidence indicates that the nutritional background of a woman during pregnancy and especially during early life is a critical determinant of her offspring’s subsequent health outcomes such as sub-optimum growth and mortality…

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Gender Disparities in the Prevalence of Undernutrition and the Higher Risk among the Young Women of Indian Tribes

Undernutrition is a consistent health problem among the children as well as the adult populations in India. The prevalence is highest among the individuals from the marginalized sections of the Indian society like Scheduled Tribes…

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What Explains Child Malnutrition of Indigenous People of Northeast India?

Globally 52 million children under 5 years are wasted and 70 percent of them are in Asia. Worldwide, 5 million children die every year due to malnutrition, of which 2 million are from India. This is despite the fact that improvement in…

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Caregiver education improves dietary intake, growth, and development of rural Indian toddlers

Inadequate feeding and care may contribute to high rates of malnutrition and stunting among children in rural families in India. An international team of researchers, led by Shahnaz Vazir, PhD, from the National Institute of Nutrition in Hyderabad, India, report that a combination of caregiver education and psychosocial stimulation improved… 

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Dietary practices during childhood illnesses lead to nutritional restrictions

The beliefs, knowledge, and attitude of Indian caregivers toward dietary practices during childhood illnesses lead to nutritional restrictions, according to a recently published study. In India, 43% of children aged 5 years and under are malnourished or undernourished. In fact, a child with grade I or II malnutrition may appear… 

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