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Factors affecting birth weight of a newborn

Intrauterine growth and development is one of the most vulnerable process in human lifecycle and its aberrations can result in lasting profound influence in later life. In the context of developing countries, intrauterine growth has been invariably assessed by birth weight. The birth weight of an infant is a reliable index of intrauterine growth and also a sensitive predictor of newborn’s chances of survival, growth and long term physical and psychosocial development.

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Community-led initiative for iron supplementation improves hemoglobin status of children and adolescent girls

A community-based program for the control of nutritional anemia in children aged 6 months to 35 months and rural unmarried adolescent girls aged 12 years to 19 years in rural India led to improved hemoglobin status, appetite, and knowledge of iron-rich foods. In addition to weekly iron supplementation, the community… 

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White matter brain injuries in infants may predict altered childhood cognitive function

Giving preterm infants qualitative MRIs when they reach term-equivalent age may help predict cognitive impairments as late as age 9, according to a study published in the journal Pediatrics. The study found that white matter injury found at 38 weeks to 42 weeks was correlated with altered cognitive function at… 

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