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Dengue fever diagnosis, treatment, and prevention tips

Dengue fever has become endemic in many parts of India, with major outbreaks occurring approximately once or twice per decade. Reported case fatality rates for Southeast Asia are approximately 1%, but in India, Indonesia, and Myanmar, focal outbreaks away from urban areas have reported case-fatality rates of 3–5%. mdCurrent Pearl:… 

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Prevalence of childhood obesity in India and other developing countries is increasing

As with adults, changing dietary practices and lifestyles are leading to increased childhood obesity globally, including in developing countries. In India, this trend recently has been documented at 22% for children aged 5 years to 19 years. Trends such as this one can indicate an increasing overall prevalence rate; from… 

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Study finds exercise may reduce depression in heart failure patients

Cardiovascular disease has emerged as the number one killer in both urban and rural areas of India. The Indian population is particularly susceptible to cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors; however, there are few large studies that have examined CVD risk factors in the Indian population. Depression is associated with an… 

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