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Economic Burden of Cancer in India: Evidence from Cross-Sectional Nationally Representative Household Survey, 2014

The term “Cancer” is derived from the Greek word “Karkinos” (for crab) which refers to a generic non-communicable disease (NCD) characterized by growth of malignant (cancerous or neo-plasms) abnormal cells (tumor/lump) in any part of the…

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Baby Neglects One Side Breast While Feeding?

In last ten years I have seen nearly 100 cases of breast cancer (with history of somewhat abnormal breast-feeding) that followed demographic details as…

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Mobile Microscopy as a Screening Tool for Oral Cancer in India: A Pilot Study

Oral cancer, through a convergence of behavioral and infrastructural factors, is the most common type of cancer among men in India and other countries of South Asia…

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Cancer and Diabetes: The Disharmonious Disease Alliance

We need to battle against cancer and diabetes together and in fact, prevention as well as control measures need to be addressed…

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Role of PXR in Hepatic Cancer: Its Influences on Liver Detoxification Capacity and Cancer Progression

Pregnane and Xenobiotic Receptor, acts as a ‘master-regulator’ of expression of components of the detoxification machinery thereby defending the body from the toxic chemical insults…

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Identification of Specific miRNA Signature in Paired Sera and Tissue Samples of Indian Women with Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer and a leading cause of cancer-related mortality in women worldwide. In India about 1, 44,937 women were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 and approximately 90,000 deaths occur every year…

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Immunotherapy for Oncological Cancer: ASCO Focus

Dr. Jamal’s DENVAX is a Dendritic Cell (DC)-based cancer immunotherapy that prevents to the recurrence of cancer after surgery, chemotherapy or radiation because the immune system will need to recognize and attack a smaller number of cancer cells, which was the main theme of the ASCO event…

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