Our product is driven by the physician user’s need for practical clinical and business information customized for India that can be applied immediately in a clinical setting.

Guidance from an Editorial Advisory Board of top physicians and therapeutic area expert panels ensures high user value of our content.
The content is formatted to be easy to acquire, with the most important elements and take-home information clearly identified as “mdCurrent Pearls,” which are key clinical tips that doctors can start applying in their practices immediately.

All content is vetted and reviewed by our Global and India-based Editorial Advisory Boards, and our highly experienced editorial staff reports, writes, and edits each article specifically for physicians in India. The articles are fair and balanced without bias toward any advertiser, sponsor, or brand.

Global Sponsors (2)

mdCurrent-India’s primary sponsors (no more than 2) are corporations that recognize the value of supporting the daily needs of professional clinicians in India with critical, relevant, customized information that is not available from any other source. The support of these sponsors earns the respect of the medical community and demonstrates a commitment to enhancing physician knowledge globally. This support has the capacity to significantly enhance patient care and potentially save lives.

These sponsors enjoy prominent promotional display throughout the mdCurrent-India Web site, with active links to their own commercial websites.


Our therapeutic area and business content offers pharmaceutical, device, nutrition, and business companies the opportunity to present their valuable products to our audience. We vet all proposed advertising materials to ensure that these are legitimate branded products that serve the healthcare needs of our audience.

Advertisers may provide valuable tools that link from mdCurrent-India pages, as well as on-page advertising messages. We know that our physician users are busy, and we strive to guide our advertisers to strategically address physician needs for enhanced outcomes for all.

Knowledge Assessments

We identify through reader surveys and assessments where physician knowledge gaps exist, and we customize our evidence-based clinical and business/operations reviews to address those needs.

We also contract with sponsors/advertisers on a project basis to administer fair-balanced physician assessment surveys to help inform marketing campaigns and to drive custom projects (contact us for pricing).


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