The Singlimari Diagnostic Camp: A Report

By: Dr. Jumsung Sidisow and Dr. J. Gnanaraj

Singlimari is a village with a population of 212 and has a century old Church with 120 families [1]. It is about 35 kilometers from Bhalukpong and 10 kilometers from Chariduar which has a 30 bed Government hospital. Around 8,000 people living in nearby areas.

The patients need to go to the Government Hospital for primary care and an Auxiliary Nurse Midwife is posted in the village. Most of the patients until recently have had to go to Tezpur for surgical treatment and pay about 15 to 30,000 Indian rupees for treatment and about double that at a Mission Hospital while the costs at private places are five to ten times more and are out of reach for most of the population.


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