Study ties H pylori infection to increased diabetes risk

Infection with Helicobacter pylori more than doubles the risk of developing diabetes, according to the results of a recently published study. The authors note that this finding is consistent with prior reports showing an association between H pylori and the prevalence of diabetes in cross-sectional studies.

Key Point: Serologic evidence of H pylori infection increases the rate of incident diabetes. The findings of this study may support treating patients who are positive for H pylori with antibiotics and gastrointestinal treatment to help prevent diabetes.

Investigators at Columbia University in New York, United States, followed 782 diabetes-free Latino subjects older than 60 years for 10 years; all had their blood tested for H pylori and various other pathogens. In all, 144 subjects developed diabetes, 97% of whom tested positive for H pylori at baseline, compared with 91% in...

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