Prolonged sitting leads to early mortality

The more time spent sitting, regardless of the amount of physical activity, the higher one’s risk of premature death, researchers have found.

Key Point: Even among physically active patients, prolonged sitting raises the risk of premature mortality. Patients should be encouraged to minimize as much as possible the amount of time they spend sitting each day.

Researchers in Australia linked questionnaire data to mortality data from a random sample of 222,497 Australian adults aged 45 years and older, with a mean follow-up time of 2.8 years. Some 86.7% of the sample reported good to excellent health. One fourth (25.2%) sat for at least 8 hours per day but three-quarters met the minimum physical activity guideline of 150 minutes per week.

The odds of dying over that time correlated with sitting time. Compared with people who spent fewer than 4 hours per day sitting, the odds of dying were 15% higher for people who sat for 8 to 11 hours and 40% higher for those who sat for 11 hours or more per day. The authors estimate that...

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