Project GILLS of ARSI

The Association of Rural Surgeons of India [ARSI] is a group of senior surgeons who have been working in the rural and remote areas for several decades helping the poor and the marginalized. The ARSI has pioneered many innovations to help the poor and the marginalized. The use of Mosquito net instead of the expensive Prolene advocated by ARSI has been universally accepted and appreciated all over the World. The advocacy of ARSI with regard to blood transfusions is well heard now. The JESS or Joshi External Stabilization System promoted by ARSI is a well-established technique in orthopedic circles and text books. ARSI was able to start the DNB course in Rural Surgery and the graduates are doing great work in rural areas.

The Gas Insufflation Less Laparoscopic Surgeries [GILLS] was another innovation that was promoted by ARSI. The ARSI presented the Antia Finseth award [1]. Recently the GILLS was included by the World Health Organization in the Compendium of Health Care technology for low resource setting [2]. GILLS has many advantages. It is possible under the easily available Spinal Anesthesia. It is relatively easier to learn. It is less expensive and offers advanced procedures like Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgeries to the poor and the marginalized. In addition to all these it is safe.

Hence ARSI started the Project GILLS to promote GILLS and other Minimally Invasive Surgeries in rural areas.

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