New charts developed for height, weight, and BMI of Indian children

In a comprehensive study of height and weight, a group of researchers evaluated more than 100,000 Indian schoolchildren across 4 major regions of the country. Children attending fee-paying schools were considered to represent the upper socioeconomic strata (USES), while those attending government schools were classified as belonging to the lower socioeconomic strata (LSES).

“A significant improvement in the height and weight of children from both socioeconomic groups indirectly suggests the improving economy of India.”
-Major General R.K. Marwaha, MD, study author, New Delhi, India

The researchers found striking differences between children in the USES and LSES. For example, a 10-year-old boy in the LSES with a height of 132.9 cm falls into the 50th percentile, while a 10-year old boy from the USES would reach the 50th percentile at 138.6 cm.

The study authors chose the USES cohort to develop normative height, weight, and BMI charts for India, as children from...

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