Multimodal Medical Image Fusion Using Soft Computer Algorithms

By Dr. Ebenezer Daniel, Dr. Anitha Mary and Dr. J. Gnanaraj | Published: Oct 2018 Volume: 7

Medical Images are often used for diagnosis of a variety of disease process. The findings noted on the images depend on the type of process that is used for obtaining the images. For example the images provided by CT scan and MRI are different. Combining these images might give better understanding of the disease process. Nuclear imaging modalities such as SPECT [Single Photon Emission Tomography] and PET [Positron Emission Tomography] give more information about the function of the organ that is scanned.

The availability of computer algorithms make combination of these images possible and give additional useful information. Commercial machines are available that carry out the combined procedures but are not available at most places and even if available are much more expensive than doing these image studies separately.



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