Minimally Invasive Fasciotomy with Urology Instruments

The lower limb has fascia compartments through which nerves and blood vessels pass. These fascia that cover the muscle compartment are non-compliant, and along with increased interstitial pressure can cause compartment syndrome (1). Injury bleeding in the compartment and infection can cause these. The four “Ps” are used for diagnosis:

P = Pain out of proportion to the clinical findings

P = Pain with passive stretch of the involved muscles

P = Pain with palpation of the involved compartment

P = Pressure increase within the compartment, if measured

If the other Ps appear (Pallor, Paresthesia, Paralysis), they are considered late. Commonly, it occurs in the compartments at the level of tibia and fibula (2). Traditionally, double incision open technique is used for treatment (1).

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