Immunization gaps must be addressed to prevent congenital rubella syndrome

Salt-and-pepper retinopathy is the most common ocular manifestation of CRS.

While rubella is a mild disease, if a pregnant woman contracts it the fetus could develop congenital rubella syndrome (CRS), which can cause blindness, deafness, mental handicap, and other problems. Immunization of the mother before she becomes pregnant can eliminate this risk.

A systematic review published in Indian Pediatrics found that while there are no studies or epidemiologic information available on the prevalence of CRS in India, immunization is as low as 5% in some areas. The review found that most of the studies focusing on CRS have been done in hospitals, and not in the community, and that there also are no national data on rubella vaccination rates.

CRS accounts for 10% to 15% of pediatric cataract cases and is the second-leading cause...

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