Antia-Finseth Award Presentation at Karad 2015: Single Incision Gasless Laparoscopic Surgeries


The Association of Rural Surgeons of India [ARSI] presents this award for innovations in rural surgery. The objective is to encourage innovations in rural surgical care. Earlier the Antia–Finseth awards were given to innovations like; the use of mosquito net instead of the Prolene mesh as these materials were shown to be similar and for low cost ventilators. Such innovations have made surgeries in rural areas much less expensive and hence affordable at the same time providing high quality care.

The award was started jointly by the contributions of Dr. Antia and Dr. Finseth. Dr. Antia is a renowned Plastic surgeon who despite his very high academic achievements was interested in rural health care.

antiaDr. N. H. Antia

  • Plastic surgeon of international repute
  • Established API in 1957
  • Hunterian Professor or Royal College
  • 182 publications and foundation for medical research and community research
  • Padmashri (1990), G.D. Birla award (1995) and karma Yogi award (2006)

Dr. Finseth again is an eminent professor at Harvard University who worked all over the World to improve surgical care in rural areas.

FinsethDr. Fred Finseth

  • Eminent plastic surgeon from Yale and Harvard
  • Great teacher and mission doctor all over the World from Haiti to Ethiopia, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Nepal and India
  • His significant contribution to ARSI is mentioned in American Association of Plastic Surgeons



Professor Hashimoto of Japan is considered the father of gasless laparoscopic surgeries. The small but definite complications of Laparoscopic surgeries and the physiological changes that are associated with laparoscopic surgeries made him look for alternatives to the use of carbon dioxide for insufflation during laparoscopic surgeries.

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