Healthful diet and exercise help prevent cardiovascular disease in Indian patients

A healthful diet and exercise have a significant positive effect on serum lipid profiles, and obesity constitutes a major risk factor for the development of hypercholesterolemia and hypertriglyceridemia, a recent Indian-based study found.

Key Point: A healthful diet and regular exercise are effective reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Prevention is extremely important because the risk of heart attack is 12 to 15 times higher in Indian patients than in other populations.

“Heart disease is reaching epidemic proportions among Indians, including the youth, and the risk of a heart attack in Indians is 12 to 15 times higher than that in other populations,” said Uma Chitra, MD, of the Kasturba Gandhi College in Marredpally, India, lead author of the study published in the Indian Heart Journal. “Heart disease can be prevented by healthy lifestyle habits including exercise and diet,” she said regarding the significance of her research.

The researchers performed a hospital based cross-sectional study of 316 men and women aged older than 20 years from a disease-free cohort; 28.5% of men and 42.2% of women had hypercholesterolemia. The researchers reported a statistically significant and positive association between...

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