Galectin-3 identifies subset of heart failure patients who can benefit from a statin

Blood levels of the carbohydrate-binding protein galectin-3 identified patients with ischemic heart failure who derived significant clinical benefit from rosuvastatin in the Controlled Rosuvastatin Multinational Trial in Heart Failure (CORONA) trial.

A substudy of CORONA demonstrated that patients with blood levels of galectin-3 <19.0 ng/mL at the start of the trial had a lower risk of major adverse events with rosuvastatin treatment compared with placebo, whereas patients with higher levels of galectin-3 did not have a reduction in event rates with rosuvastatin compared with placebo.

The sub-study involved 1,462 trial participants (approximately one-third of all CORONA trial subjects) who had their galectin-3 levels measured in plasma. Patients with plasma levels of galectin-3 <19.0 ng/mL experienced 35% fewer...

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