Further Experience with Extraperitoneal LSCS

This is an update to Dr. Saliu Rafiu's original article, Does Extra Peritoneal LSCS have any Advantage over Conventional LSCS?


After the initial article regarding Extraperitoneal LSCS in mdCurrent-India, Dr. Saliu Rafiu has been promoting it in Nigeria and him and his team have gained more insights that they would like to share.

They have experience with repeat LSCS after initial LSCS that they carried out Extraperitoneal. After initial experience they now have a longer blue colored Prolene in the outer layer of Uterus as marker. They use this suture to pull and cut the Uterus at the correct place during repeat caesarian section.

They have defined the peritoneal reflection on the Uterus as the safety arc and open the Uterus just below it to avoid injuries.

Currently they advocate Extraperitoneal LSCS for all women who need LSCS.

Dr. Rafiu Egunjobi Saliu is the Chief Executive Officer of Ariset Medical Centre and Ventures Limited. He is a 1987 graduate of the prestigious University of Ibadan Medical School. He had his medical internship at the Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital, Kaduna, Nigeria (1987 - 1988)and National Youth Service at the General Hospital, Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria. He also had a national post-graduate certificate from the Post-Graduate Medical College of Nigeria (Diploma in Family Medicine). Dr Saliu is an active member of the following medical associations: International Rural Surgical Practitioners, Nigeria Medical Association, International Federation of Rural Surgeon, Ogun State Medical Association.
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