Estrogen-only hormone therapy reduces invasive breast cancer risk after hysterectomy

Estrogen alone after a hysterectomy reduces the risk of invasive breast cancer, according to a follow-up analysis of postmenopausal women enrolled in the U.S. Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study.

In the WHI study, women aged 50 to 79 years who had undergone hysterectomy were randomized to receive estrogen alone (0.625 mg/day) or placebo and were followed over a median of 11.8 years. Median duration of estrogen use was 5.9 years. This extended follow-up included 7,645 of the original 10,739 women enrolled in the WHI study. The risk of invasive breast cancer was reduced by 23% in the women assigned to estrogen compared with placebo. Subgroup analyses showed...

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