Teleconsultation: A Better Way to Manage Your Clinical Practice

Managing a Clinical practice is getting difficult day by day; doctors in India are burdened with an increasing volume of patients. There is a dearth of doctors in India with an abnormally low doctor-patient ratio.

Teleconsultation is a good way of engaging with patients. This is no longer a new concept and there are many practitioners in India who are already virtually connecting with the patients. These doctors have embraced the technology to optimize their practice and improve patient outcomes.

In clinical practice, some patients require immediate attention (acute cases) and some visit doctors for follow-ups. The follow-ups can easily be managed by providing online consultations.

How can the doctors connect online with their patients?

Doctors are already actively connecting with the patients on their mobile phones through SMS, whatsapp and other Chat messengers.

Video calling solutions enable the doctors to connect with their patient virtually for their initial consultation and also for follow-ups. Skype video calling is one of the easiest and best tools for online consultations. Patients can record their pulse, BP, Blood sugar level on glucometer on home use devices and convey the information to the doctor during follow-up. If required, patients can be called to the clinics when the doctor feels the need to perform a physical exam.


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