New age medical practice: Challenges in a modern world: Guest blogger Dr. Shalini Ratan

Among the challenges for an ancient profession in a modern world is the need to define and assure professional behavior in the rapidly changing health care environment.

New Age Medicine is about Medical Professionalism.

Today, medicine is a specialized service industry. Adopting methods to improve the patient experience has become essential. At the same time, managing the medical practice professionally has become the need.

The relationship between the doctor and patient is widely changing. It is gradually moving away from paternalism and “doctor-knows-best” to a more equal relationship. The patient and the doctor now are on a much more equal footing because of better education, better information and the change in society itself, which is making the patient more autonomous as an individual.

Patients’ perception of quality, as measured by patient satisfaction, is now more than just a great clinical outcome. The ability of a doctor to treat the ailment becomes a BASIC requirement, while personal care about patient’s physical and emotional needs, comfortable stay and a satisfying conversation with their physicians becomes a VALUE issue.

Satisfied patients are more likely to become loyal customers.

So the New Age Doctor would need to be clinically and academically competent, have the patient’s best interest at heart, have good interpersonal competence and have developed business acumen to handle a medical practice effectively.

It has been referenced that the Nested domains of Human Capability are:

Disciplinary capability: knowledge and skills for academic disciplines.

Professional capability: ability and understanding required for effective performance in a profession.

Personal capability: dynamic personality qualities.

The personal qualities contribute to the development of what has come to be called...

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