Mobile Medical Apps – Healthcare on Smartphones

Mobile technology has become ubiquitous, and anybody can communicate anywhere, anytime. Global mobile statistics suggest that there are now about 364 million smartphone users in India.

As per the PwC Report for GSMA, mobile technology will play a significant role in the provision of health services, globally. In India, as the number of doctors is getting skewed, there is a definite burden on the practicing doctors to handle the volume of patients. Mobile health applications can really be effective for remote patient monitoring, emergency response, antenatal care and for patient education.

Mobile apps generate a lot of buzz in the market today, and they can definitely help doctors for better functioning of their clinical practices. There are about 31,000 health and medical related apps.

Apps can help doctors to schedule appointments and create alerts/reminders for their patients. There are some apps which can be good for easy reference about drugs, symptoms and diagnosis, for better patient management. Doctors can also view the patient records and follow the progress of their patients. There are also imaging apps, where digital X-rays and MRI scans can be viewed.

Every doctor needs to identify apps for the effective management of their practice. The apps can be easily downloaded from Google Play on Android devices or the App Store on Apple smartphones.

Let us see how mobile medical apps can facilitate the daily schedule of practicing doctors.

What is a Mobile app? It is defined as a software program that can be executed on a mobile platform – generally, smartphones or tablets. The most common one today, and which has become a part of everybody’s life, is Whatsapp.

Let us understand what a “Mobile Medical App” is. The US FDA explains that a Mobile Medical App is a medical device which is an ...

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