The Importance of Proper Data Collection in Rural Surgical Facilities

By: Dr. J. Gnanaraj and Mrs. Ida Gnanaraj


Generally the Protocols, methods, guidelines for surgical treatment originate in the West or the medical colleges. It is not that they have greater experience, better methods or their guidelines are superior. They are able to produce the guidelines because they have better data.

Current guidelines may not be appropriate for rural areas and may need their own custom guidelines. For example, while searching for guidelines most of the literature says that CT scan is necessary for diagnosing acute appendicitis. To have a CT scan a rural patient often would need to travel more than 500 kilometers. Despite the CT scan a significant normal appendix is pulled out.

To publish an article about Single Incision gas less appendicectomies it took a lot of effort to convince the editors that clinical diagnosis is adequate and our reliable data shows it to be superior to CT scan in diagnosing acute appendicitis [1]. Deficiencies in documentation is a common finding and the reason for sponsors for being weary in funding studies in India [2]. Chitra Bargaje gives guidelines for good clinical documentation [2].


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