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GILLS Workshop at MAMC: Take Home Messages

The Gas Insufflation Less Laparoscopic Surgeries [GILLS] workshop was held at the Department of General Surgery at the Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi. The objective of the workshop was to introduce the concept of GILLS to the faculty and postgraduates of... Read more »

Marketing Model for MIS in Rural Areas

A population of 100,000 will have about four surgical facilities that are standardized who share human resource and equipment and carry out about 2,000 MIS every year... Read more »

Marketing Gasless Surgery

Gasless laparoscopic surgery is an innovation with great potential. Although the innovation of laparoscopic or minimally invasive surgery almost as significant as that of discovery of anesthesia or antisepsis for surgery it has poor market penetration... Read more »

Understanding Healthcare Workers Self-Reported Practices, Knowledge and Attitude about Hand Hygiene in a Medical Setting in Rural India

Healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) constitute a major threat to patients’ and healthcare workers’ safety globally... Read more »

The Front Desk: NABH Quality Management for Rural Hospitals

INTRODUCTION With the high costs and paperwork that is involved many rural hospitals even in the West do not seek accreditations of health care organizations [1]. Also the rural hospitals have been shielded from many of the external pressures to improve quality till now. In USA Joint Commission for the...  Read more »

The Pharmacy: NABH Quality Management for Rural Hospitals

Pharmacy is one of the most important revenue generating areas of the hospital and a well-run pharmacy could generate a lot of income for the hospital... Read more »

Example of Segmentation and Targeting for a Rural Hospital during an Event

SEESHA Karunya community hospital is a 45 bed facility at Karunyanagar inside the Karunya University campus. Thanks to the relationship with the University in addition to providing first aid and healthcare to the staff, students and nearby community, the hospital also has many innovative products and services... Read more »

An Example of Pre-Mortem Analysis

Post mortem is a familiar word to many. It is where the dead teach the living. It is carried out to find out the cause of death. Unfortunately it does not help the person who died. A pre-mortem — also known as a premortem — is a managerial strategy in which a... Read more »

Should Family Physician Visits Be Made Compulsory for Patients in India, Before They Visit a Specialist for Routine Symptoms? – Guest Blogger Dr. Pragnesh Vachharajani

In India today, there is an increasing trend of patients consulting a medical specialist instead of seeing their family physician first. This trend is especially being seen in the major cities. With about 70% outdoor patients (adults and kids) consulting specialists directly for common aliments like fever, cough, and cold...  Read more »

Task Specific Credentialing and Training for the Rural Surgical Workforce: A Proposal

One of the major problems in rural surgical facilities is getting qualified staff. The nursing and technical staffs do not wish to work in rural areas unless they are from the particular village or place. Their expectations in terms of salaries and perks are... Read more »

How to Reduce Cost in Rural Hospitals: Presented at the IFRS Meeting by Dr. R.R. Tongaonkar

India is a rapidly developing economy and many corporate are seeing India as a potential area for investment. However the reality is that our per capita GNP is $500 while it is well over $20,000 in the... Read more »

Meeting the Surgical Needs in Rural Areas: The Supply Chain Concept

Globally, 60% of the surgical procedures are carried out for 15% of the world population in developed countries. On the other hand, 34% of the poor who live in developing countries get only... Read more »

A Review of Several Different Types of Medical Stirrups

Positioning patients properly in the Operating Room is critical to providing the best care possible and protecting against complications such as pressure ulcers and... Read more »

System Audit for Small Hospitals: Pharmacy

We are looking at how small hospitals especially in mission hospitals can improve the various systems according to the guidelines given by... Read more »

System Audit for Small Hospitals: The Other Systems

The objective of this system is to plan, execute and appropriately pay for the various works that are necessary at the hospital. The works manager is the most... Read more »

System Audit for Small Hospitals: Suggestions for Following NABH Guidelines for the In-Patient Department

A smooth system of admission, treatment and discharge of patients is boon to the hospital administration. The following is the system that was followed in one of the rural mission hospitals in Northeast India: A public relations office welcomes the patient and informs them of the various facilities that are...  Read more »
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