How to Use an Inhaler [video]

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How to use your inhaler

This is an MDI-type of inhaler. It's the most common type of inhaler used in the U.K. I'm going to show Cathy how to use one correctly using this placebo or dummy inhaler. So, you take the cap off, you check there's nothing inside it, you give the inhaler a shake, and then the idea now is you're going to take a slow and deep breath to get the medication into your lungs. So you take a breath in and a breath out, you put the canister into your mouth with your lips sealed around it and then you start your slow breath in. I recommend you try to breathe in for five seconds. You need to press the inhaler just as you start that breath in, and you remove the inhaler and hold your breath for ten seconds if you can.

So over to you Cathy. Let's try this. So you remove the cap, having a check inside. Giving it a shake and take a breath in while you do that and breathe out and now pop it in your mouth with your lips around it. Slow breath in--1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and remove the inhaler and hold your breath for ten seconds and then breathe out--that's great.

If you need another dose, just leave it about half a minute--30 seconds before you take it again. We also recommend that you get a pharmacist to check your technique when you next pick up your inhalers, and you might find that they use one of these which is an In-Check Dial. That can measure exactly how strong your breath in should be. So it's worth doing if you get the opportunity. Okay, how did it feel taking that breath in? It's quite slow, so it was striking how slow you actually have to breathe in. Yeah, exactly.

Getting it all wrong

Here are some of the commonest mistakes that people make when they're using their inhalers. Some people don't coordinate their breathing. The commonest mistake is breathing in too quickly. Some people hold their breath not long enough, and some people hold it too long. Some people don't have good aim.

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