TURP, TUIP and laser prostatectomy [video]

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TURP, TUIP and laser prostatectomy

Mr Christopher Eden - Consultant Urologist: TURP stands for trans urethral resection of the prostate. And what it really describes is the method of access, trans urethral--in other words, through the urethra. Resection of the prostate relates to the fact that you are removing the prostate in slivers using a hot wire loop, a machine that we call a resectoscope. TURP really is the gold standard for prostate surgery and has been in widespread use across the world for at least the last 50 years.

Trans urethral incision of the prostate, or TUIP, really is an operation now which has pretty much gone out of fashion. It is possible in patients who don't have prostatic enlargement but who have a bladder neck, which is right at the top of the prostate, which is causing obstruction. Those patients are suitable to have a bladder neck incision. But TUIP really is an operation which is no longer performed.

Laser prostatectomy is an operation in which a laser is used either to vaporize the prostate tissue or to enucleate the prostate--in other words, to dissect in the plane between the inner 2/3 and the outer 1/3. So you have exactly the same effect as a TURP, a trans urethral resection of the prostate, but hopefully with much less bleeding.

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