Testicular Cancer Treatments [video]

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Video Transcript
What are the Treatments Available for Testicular Cancer?

Mr. Christopher Eden: The most important treatment is to remove the testes. This gives the histologist the ability to differentiate between seminoma and teratoma, and this in turn will give the patient much more prognostic information and give the clinician an idea about what subsequent treatment the patient is likely to need. Most patients who have a teratoma will go on to have some form of chemotherapy. Most patients that have a seminoma will have some form of radiotherapy.

Will a patient be infertile if he gets one or both of his testicles removed?

Removing one testes doesn't make you infertile. There certainly is a chance that if you're going to go on to have some form of chemotherapy that the patient will be infertile for a period of time. That period of time is likely to be months or years. In a small percentage of patients, though, it could be permanent, so it does make sense for these patients to bank sperm prior to embarking on any chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

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