Special Care baby Unit for twins and more [video]

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Video Transcript
Twins and Multiples: The Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU)

Dr Carol Cooper, General Practitioner: With around 40% of twins and a whopping 97% of triplets having to spend time in a neonatal unit, it's important for you as an expectant parent to prepare yourself for that possibility. Your twins could be admitted to Special Care Baby Unit if they're born very early, if they develop jaundice, or if they have an infection. Neonatal units provide warmth, nourishment, and protection from infection, so in many ways, a Special Care Baby Unit aims to replicate the womb environment for babies.

In the unit your babies may need special feeding through a tube. Babies under 34 weeks or thereabouts aren't able to feed well, so that's the reason. A respirator, or ventilator as it's also called, might help them breathe while their lungs mature. You may also find that a blue light is placed above your babies. This is called phototherapy, and it breaks down the yellow pigment in the skin, so it treats jaundice.

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