Your prostate cancer grade and what it means [video]

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What kind of surgery will I have?

The surgery of prostate cancer involves removing all of the prostate, and this is important because most prostate cancer is over 80% multifocal. In other words, they'll be lots of little tumors studied throughout the prostate--whether this is urgent to find on the biopsy or not--and the seminal vesicles which are sacs in the back of the prostate that store ejaculate.

Mr. Christopher Eden, Consultant Urologist: Not all patients need to have a lymph node dissection. These are structures throughout the body. For the purpose of prostate cancer, these are lymph nodes within the pelvis immediately adjacent to it, and it's only patients who have intermediate or high risk prostate cancer, you need to have these removed. What I mean by intermediate/high risk is patients with a PSA of 10 or greater, a Gleason grade of 7 or greater, or a rectal examination which shows that you have prostate cancer palpable on both sides of the prostate.

Gleason grading system is a system of assigning a number to a tumor between 1 and 5, and the number will describe how aggressive the cancer is based on microscopic appearance of the cancer cells. Now this is extremely important information in knowing just what sort of prognosis the prostate cancer has for the patient in order to know what the treatment options are for him.

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