Potty training twins and multiples [video]

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Video Transcript
Twins and Multiples: Potty training

Dr. Carol Cooper, General Practitioner: Just the words "potty training" can instill dread into the parents of single toddlers, so how can you cope as a parent of multiples? Well, the answer is that you will, and you may even find it easier than you expect.

For start, you can make life simpler by not assuming that your twins or triplets will be ready to potty train at the same time. It's perfectly normal to have a couple of months or so between each toddler, and there's an upside. Once one toddler starts using the potty the other ones copy and learn. Now, the advice I give to all parents regardless of whether they have 1, 2, 3 or more toddlers to potty train is don't rush it.

The brain and nervous system need to be ready for your toddler to make the connection. All toddlers pick up potty training in their own time and when they're ready for it. When you're buying a potty, remember, potties aren't for sharing, so make sure you have enough for each child. Make sure you buy a separate potty for each of your twins or multiples.

Oh, and a word of caution. Watch out for the toddler who likes to empty his potty out onto his twin's head.

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