Male Breast Cancer – Support and Information [video]

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What further information and support is there for men?

Every piece of literature that you pick up is--I mean, I'm not particularly interested in what kind of bra you wear after you've had a mastectomy because it doesn't affect me. But that's what the literature is. It's still the thing that you get in the literature. And so it can be a very lonely world.

The information for men with breast cancer--there's very little of it out there, so they can be very disappointed and frustrated. It's very female dominated. There's lots of information for bras and prostheses and reconstruction. But for men there's very little, and it is very difficult to access. So I think what we can do here at Breast Cancer Haven is provide some support, some more information, and try and encourage men to look after themselves like we do for women. And hopefully, if men know about us and they will access us, we're here to help.

You actually need somewhere where you can come where people understand this is how you feel. I am scared out of my box, or I am just so exhausted--is this normal, etc, etc. And here is a place where people are not frightened of talking those things over and dealing with them. I felt that as soon as I was undergoing my chemotherapy that I was over the main parts of my treatment. And I think the opportunity to come to The Haven and sort of follow up on some other treatments and supplementary treatments was just a fantastic opportunity.

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