Male Breast Cancer – Hormone Therapy and Risks [video]

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Video Transcript
What are the risk factors for breast cancer in men? We don't actually why men or women develop breast cancer, but there are some risk factors, which include getting older for both men and women. Obesity, particularly in the over 35 group. Previous radiotherapy. If you've had previous radiotherapy for some other cancer this can lead to breast cancer later in life. Also, high estrogen levels from long term liver damage. There is a genetic link, as well, but that's only a small percentage of people. Particularly, you would have had to have had 2 first-degree relatives diagnosed under the age of 50.

Are men given hormonal therapy?

Men will be offered hormonal therapy just the same as women. Obviously, it does depend on the type of cancer and the results of the definitive surgery to which hormonal they will be offered, but just the same as women as tamoxifen or aromatase inhibitors. So it may be a surprise, but it would be offered to them if it was appropriate.

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