Male Breast Cancer – Going to the doctor [video]

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Video Transcript

What will happen when I go to the doctor?

Once the man's gone to his GP, the GP then will refer him into his local breast clinic where he'll be seen by the breast specialist. That could be a doctor or a nurse. And at that appointment he'll have a clinical examination, x-rays, which may include a mammogram or ultrasound or both. Depending on the results of those 2 tests that will be carried out on the same day, he may then go on to have what we call a tissue biopsy, commonly known as a core biopsy, where just a small piece of tissue is removed from the area where the trouble has been seen by the GP on the mamm.

And that tissue then will go off to the lab. In some hospitals, they can turn that tissue sample around within the day, but in most hospitals, it can take up to 5 working days. But before the man leaves the clinic, they will leave with an appointment asking them to return to see the breast specialist the following week.

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