Encouraging a healthy diet in your toddler [video]

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Baby Care: encouraging good eating habits in toddlers

Dr. Carol Cooper, General Practitioner: Providing healthy snacks and meals for your toddler as well as encouraging good table manners from an early age will pay dividends as she grows up, so as often as possible, try to eat with your toddler and show her how to behave during meal times, and of course, how to enjoy them. Giving your toddler a variety of food will stop her getting bored and beginning to refuse foods that she used to love. Fresh fruit, cheese, yoghurt, unsweetened cereals, chopped hard-boiled eggs, breadsticks, and raw vegetables all make great, healthy snacks. And if you cut them into shapes, like stars or faces, it can make eating even more fun. Sometimes a toddler is too thirsty to eat, so to remember to offer drinks like water or juice regularly, just not too close to meal times or it could fill her up too much. Feeding a toddler can seem like a battle at times, but it's important to have reasonable expectations. Your toddler is no longer a tiny baby feeding off a spoon, but she's not a grownup yet either, and toddlers do dawdle a lot over their meals.

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