Diarrhoea [video]

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Dr. Mathena Pavan, Registrar in Gastroenterology: Diarrhoea is very common
and affects most of us at one time or another. The majority of cases will get better by themselves. Usually I would advise people to stay at home and get a family member or a friend to get some medications from the counter. Those include things like oral rehydration salts and simple things like paracetamol. If you have persistent diarrhoea, if you have some abdominal pain that isn't being improved with paracetamol, then I would go and see your GP. If in the diarrhoea you have any blood, or if you've been on any foreign travel, if you're having high fevers, and if you're unable to keep down the fluids, then I would attend your emergency department. If you're suffering from diarrhoea, try and keep yourself away from your other family members. Make sure you wash your hands and keep the bathroom clean so that you don't spread the infection.

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