Choosing how to feed your twins [video]

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Video Transcript
Twins and Multiples: Breast or bottle?
Dr. Carol Cooper, General Practitioner: The logistics of feeding 2 babies are not easy, whether it's breast or bottle. If you can, it's great to breastfeed, but if you really don't want to then it's your choice, and you should not feel guilty. If you breastfeed, talking to another mum who has fed twins herself is a big help, and while you're still in hospital, get your midwife to stay by your side to lend you a hand.

At first you'll probably find it a lot easier just to feed one baby at a time. I'm afraid bottle feeding can be complicated too, and obviously that's because it's hard to feel close to your babies while you're feeding them and keep the bottles in the correct position as well. Use different colored caps on the bottles to help keep track of which baby had what, and this is really useful if a feed gets interrupted for something. Whether it's breast or bottle, it saves time to feed both babies together, but it takes a while to synchronize their feeding times.

If one baby wakes for a feed, gently rouse the other one. That second baby may not feed as much that time around, but they get the idea soon enough, and it usually all works out.

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