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My eyelashes haven't grown through yet, so I was wondering if I should be using more organic mascara. Does mascara actually hurt it?

I do believe if you're going to wear waterproof mascara, that actually is a lot harder to shift, and you need to have oils to take that off with. But just a regular mascara, I have no problem with as far as there being any chemicals that I would find too scary. If you got short lashes, you're looking for lengthening mascara. If you've got thin lashes, you're looking for volume, and if you have long lashes, many times, you only need to put the mascara near the root of the lash as it is. When your eyelashes are first coming back, I think that if you can just put a little bit of oil on them, many times that will give them that feeling they're starting to look a little bit thicker, because a little bit of olive oil on the lashes can be a bit moisturizing and nourishing to them. If you've lost your lashes, then you can actually use a brown pencil, a soft, brown colored pencil, and put that on your lash line, I'm actually going to show that on Fethea, because she actually has less lashes than you. This is what I would recommend. Take a soft brown pencil, and you're looking for something really soft, even if you've got grey hair, that doesn't necessarily mean you've got to wear a grey pencil. You can even sometimes do black, but I find many times, even for daytime, brown is a little bit softer. And as you have very little lashes, you'll find this will really help sort of strengthen. Now look up that way for me. This will tickle a little bit, and I'm going to put this pencil on the inside of your lash line, and I want you to look down toward your nose, and I'm going to lift up your lash line, and I'm going to put that little bit of pencil at the lash line. That does tickle. You'll find that by putting it there, it just tends to strengthen the lash line a little bit more.

You are another person I would put brows on, because again, that will really be giving you that strength. So as you do have very short brows, Let me just put a little bit--and again, with this, I would use a grey color to fit in with your own natural hair color. And again, just very quickly go over that same point, and it's a little bit of a line, a soft line, and then I think about using a powder. That does allow you to control how much you want to put on your face as far as the amount of color. And you'll always find that the powder is easier to manipulate, and as long as you make sure you never wash this brush, it will also allow you to not have to use too much product whenever you're trying to create a soft line around the brow area. And viola!

That's great, much better. Thank you very much!

But it's interesting! It does make you look younger! It does the trick. People need to put color in their face, and again, that's where I find that really putting a little bit of blush, many times, again, does more of a trick for you than not. So again, I'll take these little cream blushes; I believe in cream as far as blush goes. And give me a big smile. And again, a little touch in your cheek will give you just a little bit of color to your face, and it helps bring life back in the face, and it makes you look as if almost you've been out in the sun that very first day you get a little bit of sun and especially if you're a woman who has color in your skin, you can carry more color, and putting those little dots of color on your face just give that face that little bit more feeling of life to it, and even with Topaz, and I'm not going to use orange on her, because you have more of a yellow-orange base. I'm going to go with something a little bit pinker, and again, just give me a big smile, and a little bit of pink even in the face, if you've got a pale complexion, pink will actually make you look as if you're healthier.

We're just getting a little of color back and making you healthy as opposed to making you look as if you've got a full foundation on. So does that help?



Top Tips: Make-up
Short lashes = Lengthening mascara
Thin lashes = volumising mascara
New lashes = oil to moisturize
Use a soft brown pencil to strengthen your lashline
For natural eyebrows, use a powder that matches your hair color

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