Chemotherapy and Cancer – Hair Colouring [video]

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Having chemo--when your hair grows, how long after can you color it? I always say that if you've colored your hair dark, that many times if you're over forty years old and you know that your hair color naturally would not be dark anymore this is a perfect opportunity to go for a little bit lighter and start afresh.

If you are going to use dark hair color, I do recommend that you wait at least a minimum of six months. However, if you have dark hair naturally, you have no problems starting to put blonde on, but I would use it off-scalp, as I refer to it, where you would paint it. Let your own natural color be there, and then you can start painting a little bit of a lighter color about a half an inch away from the root.

Again, many times you can even have a foil woven in--a foil coloring woven in, which is called "lowlights" technically. Some people have highlights; another method is called lowlights. Either with foil or with a cap, it would be off-scalp, and again, as your scalp is still very sensitive at this point, you want to be able to allow it to rest and come back to its fullest. So that's what I would recommend.

Top Tips: Hair Colour. Avoid any unnecessary agitation to your scalp. Wait at least 6 months before using dark colours. Avoid products with high levels of peroxides or chemicals. Apply highlights off-scalp, ½-inch away from roots.

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