Breastfeeding triplets [video]

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Video Transcript
Twins and Multiples: Is it possible to breastfeed triplets?

Dr. Carol Cooper, General Practitioner: There's no getting around it. Breastfeeding triplets is hard work, but it's achievable. Because your triplets are likely to be small, breast milk will give them a really good start in life, but they're also more like to spend some time in a special care unit, so at first you may need to express milk for your babies to be given.

Once home, you'll probably feel as if you're spending every minute of the day feeding and much of the night as well, and with 2 nipples but 3 mouths to feed there will also certainly be times when one baby is hungry, crying, and having to wait his turn. Clearly you have to have a rota here, although having said that, because you've only got 2 hands, bottle feeding triplets does have some similar problems.

On the plus side, breastfeeding will give you a lot of time to bond with and cuddle with and stay close to each of your babies. You'll have the most success breastfeeding triplets if you find a routine that's right for you. This may be breastfeeding 2 of your babies and bottle feeding the other or using some other combination of both breast and bottle with all 3 of your babies so that 1 feed in every 3 is a bottle for each baby. Bear in mind that you'll be sleep deprived too, so keeping a note of which baby had which feed and when will be a big help.

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