Breast Cancer – Terminology of Clinical Trials [video]

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Clinical trials - terminology you should know

Overall survival is the length of time somebody will survive after they've started the treatment.

Progression free survival is slightly different in that this is the length of time people will have no extension of the disease but remain on treatment. Progression free survival ends when the disease recurs or the tumor grows.

End point, in the context of a clinical trial, means what the research is trying to establish from the use of that treatment, so the primary end point may be looking if the drug delays the time to progression. It may be looking at overall survival, so it will depend very much on the specific trial.

In a clinical trials concept, quality of life is measured, and this will be measured in very specific ways. The researcher will be looking perhaps at your physical activity, your mental state of mind and how you're generally coping, but it will be very specific, the measurements that will be taken to measure the quality of life that they need to look at for that trial.

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