Breast Cancer – Metastasis [video]

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Advanced breast cancer, metastasis

Maria Leadbeater, Clinical Nurse Specialist: The differences between primary and advanced stage breast cancer is primary breast cancer will be breast cancer cells within the breast, and that means it can be treated, and in many cases the survival rates will be excellent.

When people have advanced breast cancer, it means it's spread to a different part of the body, and if this is it, then it's stage IV, a metastatic type breast cancer. It will not be curative, but however, it can be effectively treated for quite a period of time.

The breast cancer spreads through the body in specific ways. The breast cancer cells in the breast can travel in the lymphatic vessels or the blood vessels, the very tiny capillaries, and they will travel to a distant part of the body. Breast cancer cells have a tendency or a propensity to favor different parts of the body, so places like the bones, the liver, the lung, or even the brain. Once the cells actually travel to these distant areas and start to divide and grow, make their own little blood supply, that's when we get the symptoms or you get the problems of the advanced breast cancer, and that's when it will be detected, and that's again when it will be able to be treated.

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