Anaphylaxis – Know the Signs [video]

Video author: Streaming Well
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Video Transcript
Dr. Peter Saul: Anaphylaxis is a overwhelming response of the body to an allergic stimulus. It might be something the person's ate, it might be an insect bite, it might be something that they've come in contact with, and typically, the person has poor circulation, they may have a generalized rash, they may feel faint and be faint and collapse, they may go into shock because their blood pressure falls, but they're generally seriously ill.

It isn't just a bit of a rash—it is somebody who is seriously ill. It's important to recognize, because we need to do something about it. What should you do if someone shows signs of anaphylaxis? It's very important to summon help, to find out if they're carrying any remedy measures, such as many patients carry these injector pens with adrenaline or epinephrine, so it'd be important to give 1 of those. Copyright 2011.