Alzheimer’s: A Message for Patients and their Families [video]

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Video Transcript

Alzheimer's: A message for newly diagnosed patients and their families. If someone in your family has recently been diagnosed with possible Alzheimer's disease, you're probably feeling overwhelmed right now with worry and responsibility. Please realize that while the burden is a heavy one, there are excellent resources available to help you and your family navigate these choppy waters.

First and foremost, of course, is your doctor who should help you understand what your diagnosis is, what it means, how to treat the symptoms right now, and how to reevaluate the diagnosis as time marches on.

Another important step is to seek out legal and financial experts who can help you with estate planning, power of attorney, and long term care insurance. These arrangements are critical. It's impossible to overstate the importance of getting ones affairs in order before the illness progresses.

And finally, there's a wide network of social services available to help your family with financial, physical, and emotional support. With the help of others, you can learn more about this disease, find the right doctor, join a support group, and get the care giving help that every Alzheimer's family needs. Please let your community help you face this challenge.

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