Smart Screening for Cervical Cancer with Non-Medical Personnel: A Low-Cost Digital Colposcopy and Automated Analysis Technique

By Kumudha Raimond, B Anish, Jobel Jose, Siril Abraham, Sujitha Juliet, Babu Rao G, Abraham Chandy, Sunitha G, and Dr. J. Gnanaraj | Published: Oct 2018 Volume: 7

In India cervical cancer contributes to 6 to 29% of all cancers in women and has an incidence of about 20 per 100,000 population [1]. The pooled estimates of sensitivity and specificity of visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA), magnified VIA, visual inspection with Lugol's iodine (VILI) is 67.65% and 84.32%, 65.36% and 85.76%, 78.27% and 87.10% respectively [1]. Sufficient medical personnel are not available for screening programs.


The proposal is to develop a low cost system to screen for cervical cancer using either acetic acid or lugol’s iodine spray and analysis using computer algorithms. The non–medical volunteers could be taught to carry out the screening procedures and digitally send the images through smart phones.


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