Preterm births on the rise in India and across the globe

Between 1990 and 2010, 48 out of 65 nations with reliable data in both the developed and developing world experienced an increase in preterm births, according to a recent study.

Key Point: Preterm birth can lead to serious complications and death in the neonate. Physicians can counsel patients to lower risk factors for preterm birth, such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Of worldwide livebirths, 11.1% were classified as preterm, which translates to 14.9 million newborns in 2010. India topped the list with the greatest contribution to the worldwide preterm birth rate with 23.6% of global livebirths, or 13% of livebirths in India. South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa had the greatest preterm birth rates, with 60% of global births, or 9.1 million births, in these regions qualifying as preterm.

Preterm birth is defined as...

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