Low-cost, minimally invasive evaluation and treatment for infertility in rural areas

Infertility is a common condition potentially affecting an estimated 12-28% of couples worldwide [1]. It is no different in rural areas, where facilities for evaluation and treatment are not available to many. It was difficult to evaluate infertility in women before diagnostic laparoscopy became available. Tests such as the hysteron-salpingogram were not accurate, and it was difficult to diagnose conditions like adhesions, endometriosis, PID, etc. with certainty. Now, laparoscopic chromotubation is the gold standard of tubal evaluation [2].

We describe our experience in evaluating and treating infertility in rural areas of Northeast India with available low-cost, minimally invasive techniques.


Table 1 summarizes the results of the various such procedures during the last decade in rural and remote hospitals in Northeast India.

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