Emerging breast cancer screening solutions

Breast cancer incidence is rising in India, soon to surpass cervical cancer which is the most common cancer among Indian women. Although breast cancer is treatable, most women in India get treatment late therefore reducing survival rate. Performing yearly breast cancer screening in women starting at age 30 could lead to dramatic improvements in breast cancer treatment.

Key Point: Several emerging and improving breast cancer screening devices may help solve some of India's problems with low screening rates and rising incidence of breast cancer in Indian women. These devices address obstacles that fall under four categories - Clinical, Capacity, Culture, and Infrastructure. India will benefit from devices that are cost-effective yet accurate and that are culturally acceptable.

Unfortunately, there is no screening program in place in India and doctors face many obstacles that may prevent them from performing breast cancer screening. These obstacles with screening fall under four categories of Clinical, Capacity, Infrastructure, and Culture.

Clinical – Doctors may find certain screening instruments to be unsuitable for clinical use. For example, mammography and ultrasound instruments have reduced accuracy in dense breasts.

Capacity – For a population of approximately 1.3 billion, India does not have enough trained personnel to...

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